Medical Thermography

``As simple as taking a picture``

The infrared and thermal imaging gives people an idea of some of the things going on in their body below the surface. In many cases, it can help them identify and make healthy lifestyle changes before certain areas become problematic.

It's 100% safe

Nothing is emitted from the camera. Nothing is injected into your body.
There is no risk of damage to the fragile cellular DNA.

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Early Health Screening

Medical Thermography offers the unique insight of your body's current physiology and a first glance at developing conditions, long before much later stage detection of conventional imaging.

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Multiple Benefits

Breast health screening, Thyroid Screening, Lymphatic Congestion, Nervous System Disorders, Abdominal Inflammation, Vascular System Analysis, Neuromuscular Disorders, Vascular Screening and other pathologies.

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Effective for everyone

It is effective for men, women and children of all ages.
It is painless.
It is inexpensive.
No radiation.

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What is Medical Thermography?

Instead of ``disease detection``, thermography focuses on ``health discovery``. It is a very important part of your preventative wellness program.

Thermography is a non-invasive, FDA approved tool that uses thermal imaging to detect inflammation in your body, which oftentimes is the very first indication of a potential health problem.

Thermography offers you an sneak peak into the status of your health, and in many cases, discovers problem areas long before you feel any symptoms or before a specific test is able to diagnose an actual disease. In a nutshell, thermography can see your body asking for extra help.

Who is Medical Thermography for?

Every person deserves the very earliest look at their health status rather they are waiting for a disease process to be diagnosed, or have simply made the decision to focus on their overall wellness journey.

Waiting until after symptoms have manifested is often too late to reverse the outcome.

Thermography is for you is you prefer to take proactive approach to your health.

How does Medical Thermography work?

Thermographic cameras can measure temperature variations on the skin, just like blood pressure can measure blood pressure, but cannot independently make a diagnosis (aka, aides in the health discovery process).

The skin is the communication hub for interconnectivity of the body's systems. Thermography detects the sensitive and minute dynamic temperature of the skin. Through infrared technology, (Thermography) the real time story of the body is unveiled.

Early detection provides opportunity for timely investigation and intervention are key advantages for both patients and providers.

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