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Meet Debbie VanDerWilt and Sarah Chitty

``Your body is a miracle & we believe that when you give it the right environment it will respond.``
With over 40-years combined critical care experience, Debbie VanDerWilt and Sarah Chitty saw an opportunity to serve the community with options in holistic care.
Working in the acute care arena, they have seen first-hand what the human body is capable of and share a passion for all things natural.
Their mission is to help those who are ready to pursue a natural approach to their health. The goals for their clients are to allow them to embrace their health and empower their bodies to heal and function at its highest potential.
They offer a variety of services to help achieve a PURE RADIANT YOU!

We are beyond thankful for how far our business has grown over the last year. It began with a vision planted in Debbie’s heart, an immediate “heck yes” from Sarah, it has blown us away how far it has grown so far! Just a couple of long time Emergency Medicine Nurses (Almost 40 years of combined experience) who are passionate about giving your body holistic options to empower it to do its job. Like a well oiled machine.

In steps “Pure Radiant You “

God gets all of the glory on this one. Grateful for the people he had strategically placed in our path to continue to grow this vision. We are grateful for our family, friends, & clients who have been our biggest supporters.

To our current clients, & our future clients. We appreciate you. Thank you for trusting us on your wellness journey.

One thing that has been consistently important to Debbie and I as we grow Pure Radiant You is making sure we consistently keep God at the center of our business, our decisions, our life, our growth, our gratitude. Many of you have been supporting and celebrating us along this journey, and know that ALL doors with this business have been thrown wide open until it came to a location. We prayed, we waited, we wondered, we prayed some more… and… well… it looks like God has just shown (once again) that he is abundant giver. That he does ALL things. That he provides.

I’m just going to drop this too, because it has been #gamechanger … surround yourself with people who share your values & vision. Our business partners love Jesus, love life, and love people… they want to pave the way for a better more naturally focused way of life. You deserve it.

Thank you to all our of fam bam & friends who have been cheering us on along the way! It’s def been an adventure! Grateful for every second of it and wouldn’t change a thing.

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